Year Event Date Destination Website
Australian Central Association of Dentists Third International Conference Jan 14-18 Japan  
Australian Society for Antimicrobials 14th Annual Scientific Meeting Antimicrobials 2013 Feb 21-23 NSW http://www.antimicrobials2013.com/
Asia-Pacific Aviation Aerospace Leaders Summit  Feb 25-27 VIC http://www.aviationaerospace.org.au/aaa-event/asia-pacific-aviation-and-aerospace-leaders-summit/
13th International Meeting on the Psychosocial Aspects of Hereditary Cancer  Mar 7-8 NSW http://www.impahc2013.com.au/
6th World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights Mar 17-20 NSW http://www.wcflcr2013.com/
41st Computer Applications & Quantitative Methods in Archaelogy Conference Mar 25-28 Perth http;//www.caa2013.org
World Building Congress 2013 May 5-9 QLD http://worldbuildingcongress2013.com/
21st National Conference Australian Health Promotion Association June 17-19 NSW http://www.ahpa2013.com.au/index.php
Annual Scientific Meeting of the Stroke Society of Australasia July 31-Aug 2 NT http://www.strokesociety.com.au/
World Prostate Cancer Conference  Aug 6-10 VIC http://www.prostatecancercongress.org.au/
38th Australian Central Association of Dentists Conference Aug 18 -23 VIC http://www.acadconferences.com.au/
Australian and New Zealand Nephrology 49th Annual Scientific Meeting Sep 6-8 QLD http://www.nephrology.edu.au/meetings/index.asp
World Hybrid Technologies & Energy Conference Sept 27-29 Malaysia http://apssaht.org/world-hybrid-borneo-2013.html
2013 World Conference on Science and Technology Education Sept 29 - Oct 3 Malaysia http://www.worldste2013.org
Chemeca 2013  Sep 30 - Oct 3 QLD http://chemeca2013.com/
CINP Special Congress on Addiction  Oct 2-4 Malaysia http://cinpspecialcongress.com/
2nd World Conference on Safety in Science, Industry and Education Oct 3-5 Malaysia http://www.worldsafety2013.org
20th International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses Oct 6-10 VIC http://hcv2013.org/
73rd Annual Scientific Meeting Australian Orthopaedic Association Oct 6-9 NT http://www.aoa.org.au/Home.aspx
2nd International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf Oct 16-18 NSW http://wfdsydney2013.com/
Federation of Automotive Product Manufacturers Association Nov 14-16 VIC http://www.fapm2013.com.au
8th International Membrane Science and Technology Conference 2013 Nov 25-27 VIC http://imstec2013.com/
Joint Meeting 40th Anniversary Feb 3-7 Aspen http://www.acadconferences.com.au/
3rd National Bladder, Kidney and Testis Cancer Meeting Feb 7 - 9 VIC http://www.bkcs2014.org
International Association for Professional Congress Organisers Feb 10-16 VIC http://www.iapco.org/
Australian Society for Antimicrobials 15th Annual Scientific Meeting Antimicrobials 2014 Feb 20-22 VIC http://www.antimicrobials2014.com
2nd AsiaPacific Perinatal Imaging Symposium Feb 28 - Mar 8 Canada http://www.fetalmri2014.org
International Fatigue Congress Mar 2-7 VIC http://fatigue2014.com/

Childhood Trauma: Understanding the basis of change and recovery

Aug 4 - 8 VIC http://www.childtraumaconf.org

Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference

Aug 31 – Sept 2



39th Australian Central Association of Dentists Conference  Aug 17-22 VIC http://www.acadconferences.com.au/
14th International Criminal Law Congress 2014 Oct 8 -12 VIC http://iclc2014.org
74th Annual Scientific Meeting Australian Orthopaedic Association Oct 12-16 VIC http://www.aoa.org.au/Home.aspx
4th International ACAD Conference Jan Japan http://www.acadconferences.com.au/
Australian Society for Antimicrobials 16th Annual Scientific Meeting Antimicrobials 2015 Feb


International Convention of Asia Scholars July 5-9 Adelaide http://www.icas9.com/

World Prostate Cancer Congress

Aug - Sept



75th Annual Scientific Meeting Australian Orthopaedic Association Oct 11-15 QLD http://www.aoa.org.au/Home.aspx



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